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Free Security System Consultations | IC Realtime
Mike Ray | 2022-05-23
Camera systems that wow customers and meet legal digital records requirements don’t just happen - they’re designed.
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Field Destroy Returns - Explained
Mike Ray | 2022-05-09
Not every problem product needs to be shipped back, saving everyone in the service process time, money, and aggravation.
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Proration Warranty - Explained
Mike Ray | 2022-05-02
Our Prorated Warranty is a free, full & complete warranty for the first 4 years from the new purchase date.
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Busy Integrators Deserve a Hassle-Free Warranty
Mike Ray | 2022-04-18
integrators & dealers that need to keep their clients secure & satisfied, replacing an outdated older unit with new gear that comes with a new 100% warranty just makes sense
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8 Ways Our ICare Team Can Support Your Next Install
Mike Ray | 2022-04-04
. IC Realtime gets that, takes its customer’s needs seriously, and has a top-down commitment to deliver the best we can every day to make IC Realtime
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Top App Questions - Answered | IC Realtime
Mike Ray | 2022-03-22
While each is optimized for a certain user type, many share the same function of keeping users in touch with their personal reality at home and work and in control of their cameras & recordings.
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Top 5 Features Used on the Dash/IC Home App
Mike Ray | 2022-03-14
There may be settings on the Dash/ICHome app or device you may not have set when the device was first installed, but after using your intercams for a while, you may find it useful to take another look. These settings can customize your Dash/ICHome cameras to set up to enable,
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5 ICRSS Pro Tools You Should Put in Use Today
Mike Ray | 2022-03-11
Your cameras can do a lot more than passively observe, and IC Realtime's ICRS Pro mobile & desktop apps give you complete setup
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Why the IC Companion App is a Dealers' Top Choice for Support
Mike Ray | 2022-03-04
IC Realtime Dealers/Installers and integrators who are constantly working on-site & after hours have discovered that our IC Companion app is the “easy button” 24/7 solution for the many day-to-day activities with IC Realtime and when servicing/installing our gear.
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Questions to Ask About Home Security Systems - Answered
Mike Ray | 2022-02-28
To deliver maximum value & security, a home camera system installation must be a custom fit for its location, using the most dependable gear available.
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