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Secure Cloud Storage for Security Systems

The IC Realtime Cloud-Based Surveillance System is a security video solution for easy remote backup.

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A Simple Security Camera Cloud Storage Service

Video storage plans from 14 days to 2 years with 3 Plan Types: Snapshot, Motion, 24/7.

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Why Video Cloud Storage?


24/7 Legal Video Retention Requirements

Disaster Recovery

Hardware Failure & Lightning Damage

Always Recording

Cases of Theft & Vandalism to Recorders

Less Upkeep

No Hardware & Firmware Maintenance


Add Unlimited Cameras & Sites as Needed


Record on the Cloud Before Buying an NVR

Is this the end of recorder hardware?

No, IC Cloud simply adds cost-effective cloud access and secure remote backup for on-site live streams & recordings on NVRs or AVRs.

IC Cloud is the perfect companion for any recorder for “mirrored backup” storage.

Off-site Digital Video Records Cloud Backup
Maintain Legally Required Always-On Video Coverage
Video Storage, End Users Can Grow Into

Unlimited Channels

Our advanced network cameras use built-in image & stream management skills that empower fully scalable, camera-by-camera off-site video & audio storage deployment.

Combining a legendary video stream quality with today’s cloud-based security and user-managed flexibility.
Safe & Secure
We put you in charge of security. Our devices are hard locked with only one master account per device.
Fast & Efficient Installations
Turnkey deployment - if you can do port forwarding you can be done in minutes to set up cameras.
Continuous Recording
Ensure continuous coverage with a backup / mirror system recording to the cloud.

How to Get Started

Our Cloud Surveillance Service is the premier video storage & streaming tool and setup up is quick & easy.

Video Cloud Storage

Storage Duration

Event Based


14 - Day
30 - Day
90 - Day
1 - Year
2 - Year
3 - Year

Plans are billed monthly. Pricing is per channel based on 2MP resolution.

Works with all ICR Products

If You Can See it on a Recorder,
You Can Record it in the Cloud.


Records & live views camera streams from manual or auto-tracking PTZs with video and audio encoding.

IC Home

IC Home is home surveillance reimagined. Their streams can be stored here and on their native app.


See & record in both the visible & invisible thermal spectrum streams from our compact PTZ camera.


View & record 24/7 Starlight Color camera streams for live & recorded day-like imagery even on the darkest nights.

IP/Network &

View & record IP cameras and HDAVS channel streams from a HDVR recorder.


See and record multiple channels seamlessly with panoramic or corner views from multi-lens cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the difference between snapshot and video?
What happens if I cancel my subscription?
Do I have to download anything?
Is this a one-time Purchase?
How many cameras can I add? Min? Max?
Can I buy a new camera and just use IC Cloud (No Recorder?)
Can I add this to an existing system?
Compatible with both IP & Coax Cameras?
What’s the longest retention time?
Does the audio get backed up too?
Are AI features available?
I have a 14 day plan. How do I get footage from 20 days ago?
Is this a full self-service SAAS?
Camera Status

Manage on the go!

Access all your cameras and instantly know if they are online. See & hear what's up - at home, at work or even at a loved one's apartment, right in the palm of your hand.
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