How many days of video storage do I have? What size Hard Drive do I need to record video for 7 days? How long will my storage last for if I run full HD video instead of SD?

If you've asked yourself any of the questions above, then you've found your way to the right place. The ClearView storage calculator allows you to answer any of these questions above, without needing to be a math wizard.

All of ClearView cameras support H.264 compression, and some of the newer series (as of 2017) support H.265 compression as well!


Select the Number of Cameras, Compression, Resolution, Frame Rate, and Audio settings needed to calculate the Bit Rate.

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If you know how many days you want and need to know how much storage space, select Disk Requirments and input the Desired Days. (OR) If you know how much space you have and need to know how many days of recording that will get you, select Recording Days and input the Storage Capacity.

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NAN Days

The ClearView storage calculator results are only an estimate. For the most accurate measure, compare and contrast after equipment installation.