DNS via PSS Software

! Before Proceeding !

Note that forwarding ports through your router/gateway device is required before you can access the DVR remotely. Do not proceed with this walkthrough unless this is finished!

Step 1: To setup ICRealtime’s DDNSservice, you will need to navigate the "settings" or "config" menu, and then select Network > DDNS

Step 2: Once in the DDNS menu, "Enable" DDNS and then you will have the option to select "Default Domain" or "Custom Domain Name". Custom Domain Name will allow you to create your own host name, ex. "johnsdvr.icddns.com" or keep the one you were assigned by ICRealtime.

Note: " You can use port 12366 or 80 "
Step 3: Input an e-mail in "User Name" to be notified of changes to your ICDDNS account, Note: Password is not needed.

Step 4: After inputting information you will need to press "Test" and then "Save". You will then get a message saying "Successfully registered".

Step 5: Once all steps are completed test DDNS off site