7 year warranty

ClearView CCTV products are professional quality equipment, and we stand behind our products with a 7 Year Warranty.

ClearView CCTV will replace, or at its sole discretion repair without charge, any DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder) Cameras, Mounts and brackets proved defective in material, workmanship or operation for a period of seven (7) years, hard drives are only covered for three (3) years, all other accessories are one (1) year subject to warranty conditions and exceptions below.

If during the warranty period, we cannot repair your product, we will replace the product with a working product of the same model, or if the same model is not available, with a comparable product.

Conditions & Exceptions:
  • Dated proof of purchase with covered unit serial numbers is required for warranty service.
    Please include a copy of your receipt with your return.
  • All goods requiring warranty repair require acquiring an authorized Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number.
    RMA numbers can only be issued by ClearView CCTV technical representatives via email (support@clearviewcctv.com)
    or by calling the support line at (786) 454-9372.
  • Service returns must have the issued RMA number displayed on the return shipment carton or label.
    Returns received without an RMA number visible will be refused and returned to the sender unopened.
  • Service returns must be sent prepaid via a package or freight method that provides a tracking number, to:
    ClearView CCTV Inc.
    RMA# (use your issued RMA number)
    3050 N. Andrews Ave Ext
    Pompano Beach, FL 33064
  • ClearView CCTV Inc assumes no risk and shall be subject to no liability for damages or loss resulting from the specic use or application made of the Products. ClearView CCTV's liability for any claim, whether based on breach of contract, negligence, infringement of any rights of any party or product liability, relating to the Products shall not exceed the price paid to ClearView CCTV Inc for such Products or the published MSRP, whichever is less.
  • In no event will ClearView CCTV Inc be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of use, loss of prot and claims of third parties) however caused, whether by the negligence of ClearView CCTV Inc or otherwise.
  • For warranty repaired or replaced products, ClearView CCTV Inc will warrant all replacement parts and repairs for the remainder of the original warranty, or 90 days from the date of ClearView CCTV repair/replacement return shipment, whichever is longer.
  • Service and warranty repairs are prorated from the end user date of purchase. For Three (3) years (36 months) after purchase ClearView covers 100% of replacement or repair costs. After 3 years (36 months), replacement or repair value will prorate for normal wear & tear by 2.04% per month from date of purchase through the end of warranty period. Warranty is non-transferrable.
  • Repairs made necessary by reason of misuse, alteration, or accident, or cosmetic damage such as nish fading or scratches& scus are not covered under this warranty.
  • This warranty is void if the product defect is caused by:
    • Cracks and/or leaks caused as a result of abnormal normal wear and/or accident, vandalism or abuse;
    • Use with non-ClearView CCTV Inc hardware products or software not licensed by ClearView CCTV Inc
      (including but not limited to adaptors and power supply sources) or which are otherwise not compatible;
    • Unauthorized modication or tampering; opening, disassembly, attempted repair, modied,or alteration by other than ClearView CCTV Inc authorized repair centers.
    • Damage by Acts of God, lighting, power surge, misuse, abuse, over exposure to the sun or elements, negligence, accident, wear and tear, mishandling, misapplication, intrusion of or exposure to liquids, or other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship;
    • If serial number is defaced, altered, or removed;
    • Malicious software, programs, data, viruses, or les;
    • Use not in accordance with the accompanying documentation and use instructions; or
    • The above warranty provides the Dealer and consumer with specic legal rights. The Dealer or consumer may also have additional rights, which are subject to variation from state to state.